Beste as the “easily assimilated” Old Lady at Banff Centre’s Candide

Beste’s performance as The Old Lady has been very well received by the critics ad audiences.

“…scene-stealing Beste Kalender as The Old Lady. It’s remarkable when someone so young can play a character so stereotypically old and with a thick accent that it doesn’t appear inauthentic. Kalender is the role, to put it plainly, and she threw herself into it, effectively igniting all its surreal, bizarre humour. And on top of it all she’s a great singer, pure and simple.”

Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald, Banff Centre’s Candide

“…a standout was Beste Kalender as the Old Lady. Kalender managed an excellent Polish accent and did better than pass for an enterprising senior three times her actual age. She also has a definite comic flair.”

Bill Rankin, Classical Voice North America, Banff Centre’s Candide